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Author Topic: Allidrake vs Wraith  (Read 68 times)


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Allidrake vs Wraith
« on: October 16, 2018, 07:25:07 pm »

Name: Allidrake

Height: 3.5 feet
Length: 15 feet
Wingspan: 8 feet

Weight: 1,500 pounds

Base DNA: American alligator, Dracotops, Bengal tiger, Tyrannosaurus rex

-Can run up to 40 MPH
-Can fly at 45 MPH
-Triphibious; equally at home on land, in the air, and underwater
-Can swim as well as an alligator, and can remain underwater for long periods of time
-Jaws can bite with a force of 2 tons
-Sharp teeth and claws
-Strong pointed horns
-High stamina

-Soft underbelly
-Wings aren't as durable as the rest of the body

-Thick scaly skin lined with osteoderms
-Size and bulk
-Robust frame and sturdy skeleton
-Strong immune system thanks to alligator DNA makes it resistant to bacteria

Special Attributes:
-Can breathe a stream of blue fire exceeding 2500 degrees Fahrenheit; its internal body is lined with mucus and flame retardant skin that helps it withstand such temperature. It can discharge a stream of fire for a maximum of 12 seconds in a single shot.
-Moderately intelligent thanks to its gator DNA, able to use simplistic ambushes, as well as use its flight to its advantage
-Semi-opposable thumbs that allow it to grip and use items
-Has special sensory pits that help it detect even the tiniest disturbance in the surrounding water

Description: The Allidrake resembles an alligator with the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus, as well as a somewhat deeper muzzle. Sprouting from its head are a pair of curved pointed horns similar to a typical Skyrim dragon's (most closely the Frost dragon). Its general body shape is a bit of a mix between an alligator's and a tiger's, with the legs positioned more beneath its body. Its forelegs resemble a dragon's (think like the hind legs Skyrim's dragons), with curved claws and semi-opposable thumbs, while its hind legs resemble a tiger's, but covered in scales like the rest of its body. From its back are leathery draconic wings that remain folded against its back when not in use. Its limbs have webbing between the extremities to aid in swimming. Its tail is pretty much the same as an alligator's. Allidrakes can be blue, green, black, brown, dark grey, and other such colors.

LOGI Info: Allidrakes live pretty similar lives to alligators, usually remaining in large bodies of water and constructing nests to raise their young in. They can be founds in swamps, bayous, rivers, lakes, jungles, and anywhere else that has large bodies of water. They typically hunt fish and crustaceans, as well as large ungulates, mid-sized carnivores, and other medium to medium large animals that come near the water they're occupying.

In combat, Allidrakes are fierce fighters, slashing with their claws and tearing with their teeth, all while letting loose with their fire. If push comes to shove, however, the Allidrake will utilize its flight to stay out of reach of its opponent, pelting them from above with its fire. In the water, they fight viciously, ripping into their opponent with their claws and teeth. Their tails also make excellent battering weapons.

Other: N/A

Name:Mortis adsignatos, or simply Wraith

Height:10 feet
Length:30 feet
Wingspan:50 feet

Weight: 1600 pounds

Base DNA:Crow(specifically Thick-Billed Raven), Parrot, Blue-Ringed Octopus, Dragon, Chimpanzee, Great White Shark, Puffin, Porcupine, Peregrine Falcon

Abilities:Extremely intelligent(moreso than usual for crows due to the intelligence of Chimpanzees and Crows and Parrots combined), can learn speech, can fly, swim, and walk, Can spike enemies with quills, Poison from Blue-Ringed Octopus, can change color, can squirt ink at opponent, very fast flyer, can use basic tools, can breathe fire

Weaknesses:Slower on land than it is everywhere else, sees in black and white, skin is sensitive once you get past the spines

Defenses:Spines, fire, claws, bite, basic weaponry

Special Attributes: First flying highly-intelligent color-changing creature here

Description: A large pitch-black crow with amber eyes. It has dragon wings even darker than the body and an extra talon that acts like an opposable thumb. Inside their beak they have rows upon rows of pointed shark-like teeth. They have Puffin feathers and a Shark fin sticking out of its back. Underneath its feathers it has a layer of Porcupine quills that it can stick up at any time.

LOGI Info: Wraiths are highly intelligent creatures of the night. They live in extremely large groups ranging from 30 to 400. They create villages in treetops where they live and raise hatchlings and hunt in organized groups. They rely mainly on stealth for their attacks and can think up strategies relatively quickly due to their incredibly intelligence. They are capable of learning over 48 languages, human and non-human. Their language consists of screeches and clicks above land and bubble sequences underwater. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and have been known to raid entire libraries for their own personal use.

Other: Poison usually takes an average of 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours to take effect, depending on the size of the opponent. If the opponent is big enough and/or resilient enough, it can withstand the poison.

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